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Library is open from Monday to Friday h. 8:00-19:30. Saturday closed.

Easter Holiday 2019:
18-26 April h.8:00-13:30
Saturday 20, Monday 22, Thursday 25 April Closed

Summer Holiday
22 July-6 September h.8:00-13:30
2 July, 12-17 August Closed

Christmas Holiday
19-27 December h.8:00-13:30
24-26, 30-31 December and 1-6 January Closed

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Library will be closed:

22, 25 April 2019
1 May 2019
2 July 2019
12-17 August 2019
2 November 2019
24-26, 30 and 31 December 2019
2-4 January 2020

You can use the Library and be allowed to borrow books for the duration of your contract, grant or status. In order to be admitted to our services and become a regular user, you have to show to the Loan Desk a copy of your letter of presentation or some other documents of your university status.

Mobile phones can be used in the Library but disruptive mobile phone use is prohibited. Phones should be set to silent mode in the Library building and cannot be used in the Reading Rooms.
Noise, disturbance or inappropriate behaviour is prohibited.

Borrowing allowance: 5 items for 1 month (max.); renewal (30 days only): once for each item.
To renew your loans, please renew them online using the Self-Service option on the Library’s online catalogue (you will need your Library card number and PIN).
If you do not have access to a computer please call +39 (0)577 2325890 (Monday-Friday h. 8:00-19:30).
Please note that renewals and further borrowing is not possible if you have accumulated fines on your account.
Printed periodicals, books with green label and reference material cannot be borrowed and may be read only inside the Library.
Books reserved for academic courses are kept at the Loan desk and may be consulted only inside the Library. (max. three hours).
You will be fined for items returned late by the suspension of library borrowing for the number of days the item is overdue.
Users who wish to borrow items have to take them off their shelves and bring them to the Loan Desk for check-out.
Items may not be borrowed on behalf of another person.
It is not allowed to write on books and damage, lose or refuse to return items. In these cases a replacement copy will be charged to the person responsible and other sanctions may be applied.

Failing to respect the Library rules may lead the application of sanctions by the Library and by the University of Siena, and the notice communicated to the University of the user.

Noise, disturbance or inappropriate behaviour is prohibited, including abusive or threatening behaviour to Library staff and other Library users. As space is at a premium, users should not bring in large numbers of bags as these can make it difficult for other users to access study spaces.

No food is permitted in the Library building, apart from in the Escape areas outside of the Library. Soft drinks and hot drinks may be consumed in the Library as long as they are in non-spill containers, cartons, cans or bottles. Anyone found to be eating in the Library will be asked to dispose of the food or take it to the Garden. Food left unattended will also be removed.

Alcohol cannot be consumed anywhere in the Library building.

Smoking is not permitted in the Library building or outside near external doorways.

Mobile phones can be used in the Library but disruptive mobile phone use is prohibited. Phones should be set to silent mode in the Library building and cannot be used in the Reading Rooms.

Library users are asked to treat other users with consideration.

Library furniture, fittings or equipment must not be misused or their arrangement altered.

Library users should not attempt to reserve study places by leaving personal belongings at desks when they have left the building. Belongings may be cleared to allow others to use study places. Note that any unattended belongings are left at the owner’s risk and users are strongly advised not to leave valuables even if they will be away from the desk for a short time.

Library users may be asked to present their bag for inspection by Library staff, as well as any books or folders they are carrying.

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